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Microball Pillow

Microball Technology Microball technology is a today's world innovation for higher level of healty life and pleasure in your bed time. Researchers agree that proper ways of sleeping are due to the following factors:
  1. Proper degree of hardness of mattress: Mattress should not be too soft in order to accommodate physical tensions in a human body.
  2. Proper atmosphere and condition in bedroom: Good air flow and circulation are crucial to maintain a feeling of comfort along the night. A degree of humidity should range between 70-74% degree Celsius.
  3. Proper Physics of Pillow: A pillow should not be too high, too flat or too soft. Proper softness of a pillow must hold in balance human heads.

How soft should a pillow be? We have an answer that guarantee a result for your valuable night time. Thanks to Microball Technology, you can maximize pleasures with our new pillows.

Microball Pillow

Unlike normal filling in most pillows, Microball is perfect replacement due to its special fiber cubed into ball shape. Microball does not contain a usual dirt or any recycle's substances. A pillow stuffed with Microball efficiently adjusts its shape to the shape of a head and a neck, making a person feel much more comfortable. Moreover, physical properties of Microball helps reduce the rate of accumulated humidity, while it circulates heat of human's head well during long sleep. A person who tries Microball pillow for the first time can easily recognize this properties. Microball pillows are an effective answer to perfect sleeping.

Peaceful Family with Microball Pillow

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