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House dust contains several substances (allergens) which could cause allergy to human beings. The most important allergens from dust causing allergy in man worldwide, are substances from house-dust mites. Dust mites are small insects, sixes about small pin heads with bodies of white color and are not visible to naked eyes. Dust mites can be frequently found in beds, pillows, carpets and upholstered furniture. They require appropriate moisture (about 70% humidity) and proteins derived from human akin scales for their food. Dust mites excrete fecal proteins which highly allergic to man. These particles are found in large quantities in mattresses, pillows, blankets, carpets and sofas; sites which are associated with human activities. When a patient moves in bed these particles will float up in the air and can be inhaled into the patient’s nose and finally into the lungs, initiating allergic reactions characterized by symptoms ranging from runny nose, sneezing, nasal blockage, cough, inability to breathe and wheezing.

When and Where can we find house dust mites?

Studies from all over the world, including from South East Asia, indicated that sites in the house where mites can be most commonly found are in the beddings (beds, pillows and blankets) since these sites represent the most optimal sites for mites growth. These include the availability of foods for mites (human skin scales) and appropriate temperature and humidity. Mites grow well in beds, pillows, blankets, carpets, upholstered furniture and curtains. Mites lay 20-50 eggs per day and could double their population size within 2-3 months, making beddings and pillows to be the sites with the highest mite density in the house.

How can we get rid of dust mites and mite allergens?

Studies have shown that after decreasing amount of dust mites and mite allergens (fecal particles) from bedroom, symptoms of allergy such as runny nose (from hay fever) and coughing / wheezing (from asthma) will decrease substantially. Also reduced are the requirement for medications needs for controlling these symptoms. Although mites could be killed by heat, laying mattresses out in a direct sunlight is not an adequate measure to kill mites. Moreover, it is cumbersome and difficult to perform. The most effective way to eliminate mites is to encase or to cover beds and pillows with special membranes impermeable to mite and mite allergens in order to prevent them to come in contact with allergic persons. KOBOLD2000 is a good example of such impermeable membranes.

How can KOBOLD2000 relief my allergy symptoms?

The impermeable membrane of KOBOLD2000 will be a good barrier for mites and mite allergens between bedding and your respiratory system (nose and lungs) as well as to your skin. Moreover, KOBOLD2000 decrease exposure of mites to your skin scales and water vapor from the body thus reducing growth potential of mites and the production of their allergens.

Can all the above methods really decrease my allergy problems?

From studies conducted worldwide with product such as with KOBOLD2000, allergy symptoms such as nasal blockage and wheezing can be dramatically improved. Moreover, the need for drugs to control such symptoms will also decrease, thus making life much happier and healthier. Allergy specialists therefore frequently prescribe products such as KOBOLD2000.

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